A conference reimagining mission for ordinary people

19th May, 2018
Dublin, Ireland
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praxis [prak-sis] noun,
plural praxises, praxes [prak-seez]
  1. practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.
  2. convention, habit, or custom.
  3. a set of examples for practice.

Do you have a heart for Gods mission? Are you interested in following Jesus on his mission to rewrite the story of our culture? This is an invitation to join with others to the movement of Jesus and to learn from experienced practitioners about what mission could look like.

Praxis is a conference bringing together ordinary people who care about mission and seeing the gospel impact others. Through this gathering and ongoing learning communities we want to envision and encourage more practical expressions of mission across Ireland. Brian Sanders has extensive experience internationally in facilitating small communities turning theory into action and practice mission in many different contexts.



Brian Sanders

Founder and Executive Director, The Underground Network


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